TKActions Panel V3

While I’ve got a whole bunch of filters and actions installed into Photoshop, the one I use the most has to be the TKActions Panel by Tony Kuyper. And a good thing just got even better.

What is the TKActions Panel?

The TKActions Panel is so vast that there’s no way I can tell you everything that it does in a short blog post, but in a nutshell, the TKActions Panel is the control panel for a whole bunch of actions primarily related to luminosity masking.

Don’t know what luminosity masks are? Well, you’re really missing out, because they allow you to take control over the tonality of an image in a way that leaves other techniques in the dust.

Find out more!

If you want to know more, I suggest you grab a coffee and take a look at Tony Kuyper’s tutorial … but I warn you, you’ll never look at image processing in the same way again!

The actions start at $10 (what else can you buy for $10 that will improve your photography? A lens cloth?) but I recommend grabbing at minimum the “Complete Catalog” that costs $30 (again, peanuts for a photography tool), and if you’re new to luminosity masking I think the “Complete Package” for $70 which includes awesome tutorial videos by Sean Bagshaw is worth the money.

I will warn you in advance that the subject of luminosity masking is a huge one, and I remember feeling daunted at the start, but very quickly I got comfortable with the basics, and once I started using it on my photos, I realized the power, and this drove me on to learn more about the subject.

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