The humble lens cloth

As photographers, it can be hard to know what bits of kit to take with us and which bits to leave at home, but if there’s one bit of kit that I already regret leaving at home, it is the humble lens cloth.

I never deliberately leave my lens cloth at home. No, what happens is that I’ll decide to go out with minimal gear – leaving the main pack either at home or in the car – and the lens cloth gets left behind with it. And then it’ll either start to rain, or I’ll be doing seascapes and get splashed, and then I have to resort to using an item of clothing to wipe the lens or filter.

While I don’t feel that using a t-shirt or sleeve will damage a lens or filter, the results are questionable at best.

I try to keep a cloth in my pocket or car glove box, but they seem to be one of those things that get lost. I don’t know how many lens cloths I’ve bought over the years, but I always only seem to have one that I can find.

I don’t believe in overspending on lens cloths because I seem to go through them. I just search for ‘lens cloths’ or ‘glasses cleaner’ on Amazon and buy a few microfiber cloths.

All hail the humble lens cloth.