Sensor Gel: Moose Patterson says “service life too low for the price”

One of the things that every DSLR photographer will have to do eventually is clean their camera sensor (even if you don’t change lenses, eventually the sensor will get mucky).

Sensor Gel Stick

I use Visible Dust products to clean my gear ā€“ with great results ā€“ but I’m always on the lookout for something “convenient” and “time saving,” so I’ve been interested in a new product called Sensor Gel Stick. It seems handy to use, especially in the field (when away from the home/office) but the $50 price tag seemed a little steep to me so I’ve been keeping an eye out for reviews.

And today ace photographer Moose Patterson gave us his verdict on the product.

“I did use the hell out of the thing which is more than most would in a year, but I still find the service life too low for the price.”

Bottom line, he says he used “the hell out of the thing” since January but over the past few weeks it’s lost its stickiness.

Now, I’ve no doubt that Moose has used the hell out of this, and that a few months in his hands is more than a year of use for normal folks, but that still feels like a short lifespan to me.

The makers are reformulating the gel (partly so it doesn’t stick to and damage Sony sensors) so things might get better with the MkII version, but for now I’m giving this a miss.

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