Sean Bagshaw’s “Developing for Extended Dynamic Range”

I’ve learned so much from Sean Bagshaw’s awesome video tutorials, and so I was excited when I found out that he’d updated his “Developing for Extended Dynamic Range” videos.

If you don’t have them (or you have the old ones) I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you pick these up. This is the best $60 that you’ll spend when it comes to improving your processing. You’ll also need Tony Kuyper’s excellent TKActions Panel for Photoshop, but if you don’t have these, then you really need to pick them up. When I first took a look at these videos a couple of years ago, they took my photography to a whole new level.

Sean Bagshaw’s new videos cover:

  • Evaluating dynamic range
  • If, when and how to bracket exposures
  • Raw adjustments and Photoshop adjustments for better dynamic range balance in single exposures
  • High dynamic range 32bit processing using Lightroom and Photoshop
  • Advanced exposure blending techniques in Photoshop using selections and masks: Simple, complex, forests, water, nighttime cityscape, architectural interiors, trees against sky
  • TKActions Panel is used to demonstrate how luminosity selections and luminosity masks can be used for tonal adjustments and complex exposure blending

Go get them. Now! You won’t regret it.