Post processing tip: ‘Step by step, rung by rung, climbing Jacob’s ladder’ – Porth Swtan/Church Bay, Anglesey

This was a quick shot that started with Kat yelling “hey, come see this!” And yeah, it was worth going to see.

But when it came to processing the image, I discovered a nasty, time-consuming surprise that I had to deal with.

Dozens of them. Tiny ones. All over the shot.

There must have been a flock of starlings making its way through the shot. I could have left them in the shot, but when I sharpened the image it made the birds look like I had a bad case of dust on my sensor. Initially I thought they were dust spots, but to get that many showing up at F8 against a dark background would be crazy (usually they show up at around F16 to F22 or higher, and against a bright background.

So away they had to go using Lightroom’s spot healing brush.

How bad was the problem? This bad!

Each one of those is a bird I had to spot heal out of the image. And I kept finding more and more to deal with!

Bottom line though, the spot healing brush does a good job.

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