Behind the Camera: ‘My Little Stone’ – Bardsey Island, Wales

I think that, finally, I’ve caught up with myself after taking a week off earlier this month to visit Bardsey Island. We’d planned on being there for a week, but thanks to the bad weather we got two extra days (cool for us, sucks for the people who’d planned to arrive, and sucks a bit for me in that it meant I didn’t get a weekend to sort my stuff out before the week began).

Bardsey is a great place for photography. There’s just so much cool stuff just waiting to be shot, from the birds to the lighthouse, from the coastline to the amazing buildings and structures. I’ve even managed to do some great night photography while I was there. Whenever I visit I make sure I have plenty of cards and batteries for my camera.

And this time was no different. Well, except for one thing. Because the lighthouse was in the middle of being converted from diesel to soar, the main light had been removed and replaced with an LED light that is so bright that it must upset the Martians. This searing light – which is there until October – combined with the cloud cover meant that I wouldn’t be getting much night work done.

But I didn’t let that stop me trying.

The photograph above – which I think is my favorite from the 4,500 that I took while on Bardsey – was taken one evening while sitting outside the house we rented for the week. Called “Carreg Bach” (Welsh for “Little Stone”) this was a delightfully rustic crog-loft cottage. Downstairs there was a living room and kitchen, while upstairs on what I can only describe as a small ledge, was the bedroom. It was small, but cozy, and the coziness factor only increased when the stove was lit or the gas fire was going!

I love this shot for several reasons:

  • Cottage, moon, and the Bardsey lighthouse in one shot!
  • I managed to time the shot so it didn’t get obliterated by the LED on top of the lighthouse
  • I love how the textures present in the wall, the cottage, and even the wood just pops out
  • It’s a reminder of the fun times we had sitting outside!

Technically, the shot was quite straightforward – F8.0@16mm, 1/20s, ISO 100 – with the hardest part being trying to get far back enough to get everything in the shot!

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