Cleaning my camera’s lenses and filters

Having been on Bardsey Island for over a week, and been witness to (and having photographed) a severe gale that hit the island, my camera’s lenses and filters were in dire need of a clean. Fortunately, given the right tools this is a quick and painless job.

Here what I used

Here’s my process for lenses:

  • Blow/brush off the worst of the dirt. You don’t want to be grinding sand particles into your glass if you can avoid it!
  • With that done, take a PEC*PAD and apply one or two drops of the Eclipse cleaning fluid and wipe the lens from the middle towards the outside. If the lens if dirty, use a second (or third) PEC*PAD. The trick is to do the wipe slow so the solution has time to lift the crud off the glass as you go, rather than smearing it onto the glass.
  • Allow the glass to dry (Eclipse will only take a few seconds) and inspect.
  • If clean, put the lens cap back on (after giving it a blow with the blower), or repeat the above steps if you still see dirt on the lens.

For filters it’s a similar process:

  • Blow off the worst of the dust.
  • Apply two drops of the Lee filter cleaning solution to the filter and clean it.
  • Repeat for the other side.
  • Inspect and put away if clean.

I use the Lee solution for filters for two reasons:

  • It doesn’t dry off as fast as Eclipse, so it’s better for big square filters which have a lot more surface area than a lens.
  • It has anti-static properties, so that works to prevent the filter being a dirt magnet (which resin filters can be at times).

With that done, I’m ready for more photography!

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