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Show Focus Points plugin for Lightroom 5

Just come across a cool – and free – plugin for Adobe Lightroom 5 today.

It’s called Show Focus Points, and, as you might guess, it shows you which focus points were selected by the camera when the photo was taken.

It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and works for both Canon and Nikon cameras.

It’s awesome, and free… so what are you waiting for? 😉

Show Focus Points plugin

Color psychology

I’m gonna keep this post brief and allow you to save your time to read Moose Peterson’s color psychology post.

Great read! Thanks Moose!

Can an Aperture 3 workflow be faster than a Photo Mechanic 5 workflow?

I’m a huge fan of Photo Mechanic 5. It’s a program that has dramatically streamlined, maybe even revolutionized, my workflow, and actually made me love working with Lightroom a lot more than I did.

But is a workflow using Photo Mechanic 5 the best? This series of videos suggests that a workflow using Aperture might be faster.

I don’t use Aperture, and I don’t have any plans to switch from Lightroom, but this is still food for thought.