Behind the Camera: ‘Sunrise’ – Buachaille Etive Mor, Scotland

Woke up to this, so it would have been bad form to have not grabbed a few images of this classic Scottish view!

The idyllic scene caught in this image hides the fact that this was the most midge-infested place I encountered while in the Highlands. Even though I was plastered with the recommended insect repellent – Smidge – within seconds of getting out of the car I was surrounded my tens of thousands of these little critters. I think I should have let the insect repellent dry off longer before getting out into the thick of things because within seconds my arms and face looked like it had been liberally covered in poppy seeds.

While I was on the move the midges weren’t so bad – seems like they couldn’t keep up with me – but when I stopped to take shots I found myself engulfed in a cloud of the critters. And taking my backpack off, which exposed the fresh sweat from my back, just sent them crazy. Within seconds of putting my backpack on the ground it was surrounded in a haze of these irksome insects.

The toughest part of taking this shot was keeping the midges off the lens. Since I was using a 6-stop Hitech ProStop filter to take this shot, I had to keep the insects off the filter – and they seemed to really want to be on the filter! So, off-camera I was frantically waving a micro fiber cloth to keep them from settling – and it seemed to work.

This is a beautiful place, and I had it all to myself this morning – me, and a few billion midges!

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