Behind the Camera: ‘Fire Flower’

There are a lot of fireworks shots about, so I thought I’d try something a little different here and stack a few shots.

Over a period of about 20 minutes I shot some 2,200 images (I was reminded of that quote from Aliens “Look at those ammo counters go!”) and ended the night with only space for 240 on the card I was using. But taking a lot of shots meant I had plenty to work through, and the odds were good that I’d get some nice captures. It also meant that I had series of images captures of explosions, and that meant I could stack them.

The stack process is simple – Select the images in Lightroom and open them as layers in Photoshop and them select all the layers and change the blend mode to ‘Lighten.’ This makes the light from all the layers show through, giving this timelapse effect.

The end result is something that looks a little different.

I was shooting from some two miles away from the display, so I was using my 70 – 200mm lens at 200mm F4.5, ISO 1,250 and a shutter speed of 1/8th of a second.